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How to eat hot pot

Step 1: Choose your soup base

Step 2: Choose your favorite food dishes

Step 3: Mix your favorite sauces

Step 4: Cooking and timing as below


Raw Red Meat: 10-20 seconds depending on your desire;

Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb Slice: floating plus 1 minute


Cuttlefish: 20-30 seconds;

Shrimp Ball: 60-80 seconds;

Imitation Crab Meat: 50-60 seconds;


A Choy: 40-50 seconds;

Chinese Marguerite: 50-60 seconds;

Fresh Taro: 5-6 minutes;

Fresh Bean Curd (tofu): 90 seconds;

Fried Tofu: 60-90 seconds;

Golden-needle Mushroom: 50-60 seconds;

King Trumpet Mushroom: 50-60 seconds;

Shiitake (black): 60-70 seconds;

Romaine Heart: 20-30 seconds;

Taro Thread: 100-120 seconds;

Main Items:

Noodle: 7-8 minutes


Please do not put too much food in your pot, or it could cause damage

Please finish what is left in your pot before proceeding to take more food

Please be aware of your child


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